Darn that Jackson Dunstan!

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Darn that Jackson Dunstan.  He’s always coming up with some performance benchmark for Flash/Flex that has me refactoring tons of code to pick up the benefits.  You see, Jackson writes a blog that does nothing but benchmark lots of alternative ways to do the same thing.  And then he publishes the results.  So you read them, and suddenly your fingers are digging deep into your code to fling out the bits that are slow.

Mine just lurched off a minute ago looking to eradicate “push” as a way to add elements to an array or vector.  It reads like nice clean code when I use it, but it’s slower (yes, slower!) than using the index operator.  At least I never use delete, which can instantly incinerate my performance by converting my nice closely packed array into a hash table.  That’s a real comfort.


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