/dev/luchador is for my geekier side to express itself.  If you were looking for my business side, try Smoothspan.

Why luchador?  

I was a Jedi coder once upon a time with a CS degree from a great school and all that jazz, but it’s been quite a few years.  The image of an aging Luchador trying to keep fighting suits me well!

All my life I’ve made a career of creating things: products, teams, and companies.  /dev/luchador is about the more hands on end of the spectrum.

These days, my software development is more of a part-time hobby, and is centered around my obsession with making things as a CNC machinist.  I’ve got a line of software I built in Adobe Flex for that rather specialized niche.  Read all about it on CNCCookbook, my CNC blog.


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